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Our authorized and certified team of technicians has experience working with all kinds of game machines, including video games, bar tops, and dartboards.


We also have experience servicing gum ball machines, air hockey tables, pool tables, CD players, and skee ball machines.

Whether you need a new machine delivered to your facility or an existing machine repaired, call on the professionals at Vendors Plus Repairs.


We'll pick up any soda, snack, or coffee machine that has been left on your property by the prior tenant FREE of charge.

We can meet all your vending needs!

Call our friendly, experienced team today!


Comprehensive maintenance services

 •  Snack machines

 •  Soda machines

 •  Coffee machines

 •  Cold food machines

 •  Game machines

Service for all kinds of vending machines

We always strive to provide you with the most reasonable rates and reliable service throughout Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. If you're moving your business and you don't have warehouse space available, come to us for affordable rental space.

Affordable rates and peerless customer service

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